Palliative care

Palliative care is about improving the quality of life of anyone facing a life-threatening condition. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual care.

Symptom control

Talking to people about your condition

Practical help


Information on they type of equipment you can get and where you can get it from


Information on driving if you are using strong painkillers and when and why you might need to inform the DVLA or your insurance providers

Emotional effects

Information on coping with emotions, including uncertainty, isolation and anger

Depression after diagnosis

Information on depression after diagnosis, including dealing with depression in children and teenagers and suicidal feelings

Dealing with pain

Information on coping with emotions and increased pain

Being positive

Information on being positive and how it could help you cope while still acknowledging your feelings


Information on dealing with denial and acknowledging the changes the illness has caused

Managing emotional effects

Information on managing emotional effects including relaxation, exercise and self-help

Coping with work, family and living alone

Information on coping with work, family or living alone while also facing a serious illness

Advice for partners, carers and friends

Information on supporting someone facing a serious illness including making sure you look after yourself


Find out more about sexuality when you are facing a serious illness

Staying safe - avoiding falls

Information on avoiding falls, including risk factors for falls and telecare

Holidays and travel

This section aims to help if you, or someone close to you, has a serious illness and would like to travel

Spiritual care

Information on spiritual care, including finding someone to talk to and spiritual care needs


Information on finances if you're facing a serious illness, including organisations you can contact

Support organisations

Information on the various charities and orgnaisations who can offer help and support to those facing a serious illness

Planning for the future

Preparing for death and bereavement