Skin, hair and nails

Information and advice on common skin and nail conditions. This includes informationa about acne, psoriasis, ingrown toenails, warts and verrucas.


Learn about acne symptoms and treatments


Learn about angioedema symptoms and treatments

Atopic eczema

Learn about atopic eczema symptoms and treatments


Learn about cellulitis symptoms and treatments


Learn more about chilblains symptoms and treatment

Dermatitis herpetiformis

Dermatitis herpetiformis symptoms, causes and treatments

Discoid eczema

Learn about discoid eczema symptoms and treatments

Fungal nail infection

Information on fungal nail infections, including the common causes and how to treat or prevent them

Head lice and nits

Information on the signs of head lice, how to spot them and what can be done to treat head lice


Learn about hyperhidrosis symptoms and treatments

Ingrown toenail

Learn about the causes and treatment of an ingrown toenail

Itchy bottom

Learn about itchy bottom causes and treatments

Itchy skin

The possible causes and treatments for itchy skin

Lichen planus

Learn about lichen planus symptoms and treatments

Pressure ulcers

Learn about pressure ulcers (bedsores)


Learn about psoriasis symptoms and treatments

Psoriatic arthritis

Learn more about psoriatic arthritis


Learn about rosacea symptoms and treatments


Learn about scabies symptoms and treatment

Skin rashes in children

Learn about skin rashes in children and their causes

Varicose eczema

Learn about varicose eczema symptoms and treatments

Venous leg ulcer

Learn about leg ulcer symptoms and treatments

Warts and verrucas

Learn about warts symptoms and treatments


Information on the treatments and triggers for hives (urticaria).